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Windsor® Table Salt and Windsor® Household Salt
Windsor® Coarse Kosher Salt
Windsor® Coarse Salt
La Baleine Fine and Coarse Sea Salt
  Windsor® Half Salt™
(350 g)

A salt and potassium chloride mixture* with iodide and a freeflowing agent, contains 50% less sodium than regular salt. Use for baking, cooking and at-the-table seasoning just like regular salt for the same great results.

Available in 350 g Shaker

*Should not be used by persons on a sodium or potassium restricted diet unless approved by a physician.
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Windsor® Table Salt and Windsor® Household Salt
Windsor® Coarse Kosher Salt
Windsor® Salt Free New!
Windsor® Half Salt™
Windsor® Coarse Salt
Windsor® Nature’s Seasons® Seasoning Blend
Iodized Salt & Pepper
Windsor® Fine Sea Salt
Windsor® Coarse Sea Salt
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La Baleine Fine and
Coarse Sea Salt

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