K+S Windsor Salt Ltd.

Our facilities in Ontario are located in the towns of Windsor and Mississauga. The City of Windsor, Canada's southernmost city, provides a diverse metropolitan area with almost 6 million residents in the surrounding Southwestern Ontario and Lower Michigan region. This area offers tremendous amenities, over 3000 acres of green space, accessible waterfront, warm climate and affordable living.

Ojibway Mine

Located within the City of Windsor, the Ojibway Mine employs over 230 people and has been in operation since 1955. They use a traditional mining method of drill, blast, muck and are currently mining salt at a level of 290 m beneath the city. Products produced include de-icing and industrial salts and are distributed throughout the Great Lakes region. The mine operates in an exceptionally stable and clean environment.

Ojibway Salt Mine

Windsor Evaporation Facility

This facility proudly manufactures many of the consumer salts that you use today. These include table salt, pool salt and water softeners. They also produce a wide range of products for industrial use. The facility at this location has been in operation since 1928 and currently employs over 100 people.


Clarkson Warehouse

Our Clarkson warehouse is located in the City of Mississauga and serves customers in Ontario and Western Canada. This facility is a distribution center and is also responsible for the bagging of bulk products for retail and industrial end users.


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